We are husband and wife, creative and in love with Jesus, life, marriage, family and our cheeky puppy Boris. Photography has been part of our journey from day one, and we believe it was a tool used by God to bring us together. First we became friends on Facebook, then we started to follow each other on Instagram, and a photo with an important caption changed our lives forever (feel free to ask us more about it!).

We understand how important your wedding day is for you, and we know and believe in the power of an image to bring back emotions and feelings; that’s why we want to go beyond your wedding day; we want to know you and your story and make sure your first chapter as husband and wife, and as a new family, is captured in a unique and beautiful way. In many years time, our desire is that you are able to look at your photos and remember, with joy, the beginning of your journey together.


I really love preparing and eating great food – especially from the grill – and sharing these moments with our friends. I’m a big fan of watching football too, with Manchester United being my favourite team. I spent a few years living in Texas, USA where I learnt a lot about american football, living generously, real BBQ, tubing, baseball and authentic community. I enjoy going to church and serving there in tech-related roles. I also work in a high school and love the freedom I get to mix my creative nature with my desire to help support the work of others.



I’m originally from a sunny seaside city in Brazil, but moved to the UK in 2012 to work with young people. I only planned to be in the UK for a year, but it turned out to be much longer than that – I’ve fallen in love with this country and with an English man… and my life has completely changed!
I’ve always loved exploring creativity and I can easily spend hours looking for ideas and inspiration. You can also find me spending way too much time doodling/drawing and working on DIY projects (or at least saving them on my Pinterest board!). I believe in the power of kindness and gratitude, and practising them in your everyday life can make an incredible difference. #peoplematter