One day a Texan girl moves to England for a year and meets a British boy in Lancashire…

We love stories like that, we love how lives meet, sometimes in the most unpredictable places – that kind of happened to us as well ūüėČ

Ben + Haley are sweet people who have decided to take this incredible step in life! Their wedding will be in America in August – sadly, we aren’t able to be there – but we’re very excited for them! We’ve known Ben since he was only 15 years old and it’s so cool to see the man he has become, but also to see that he has found someone who completes him so well! Haley really is a bundle of joy – one of those people who smiles with her eyes and whose presence fills the room. A quiet Britsh guy found a full-of-life American!

For their engagement pictures, we wanted to find a place that was epic but very British, and¬†Malham Cove¬†in Yorkshire couldn’t have been any more perfect (it was a location for¬†Harry Potter¬†and the¬†Deathly Hallows –¬†Part 1).¬†Typical English weather showed up big time on the day – by the end of the shoot, we were all completely soaked‚Ķbut it was so worth it!

From incredible views to a crazy hike up the hill, lots of rest breaks (which made me [Nanda] realise how much I need to go back to the gym and exercise!), we loved the privilege of capturing their joy and love! They are so cute together!!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two! One thing we know, it won’t be boring!

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