We don’t even know where to begin with these two…we just felt so privileged to capture their beginning!

We’ve known Luisa + Mark since 2012 when we all worked for the same youth organisation. Luisa is German/Brazilian/Japanese and Mark hails from London (and yes, we do love working with couples from different nationalities!). These guys are the kind of people that when you meet them, you not only notice how talented they are but also how passionate, kind and generous they are too. Their wedding day was a beautiful reflection of who they are!

We do love it when couples do things knowing why they are doing them…when they don’t just follow all the trends or traditions because Pinterest says so, but when they know who they are and they choose for their day to reflect just that. Luisa and Mark embraced their personalities in every single way. Every time they shared a little bit about their wedding with us, we got more and more excited.

Their heart for the day was to not only focus on them, but also on God and those who were there to celebrate the day with them.

They got married at Hope City Church, the church Luisa got involved in while she was studying at The University of Sheffield, and their reception was at The Mowbray – a super-cool venue with the industrial vibes we love!

Everything was so well done! From the 1,000 origami birds that Luisa and her friends made together to add a touch of her Japanese heritage (and also to match the styling of her wedding dress!), to the little magazines designed by Nikki, one of Luisa’s bridesmaids, which showcased each vendor/person that had contributed to making their day happen. Every detail had a reason and a heart behind it. The day also reflected the support and the strong relationships they have with those around them – simply put, they have a dream team!!

We are so unbelievably happy for these two! We know their future will be as bright and strong as they are and we can’t wait to see the incredible journey God takes them on!

Thank you so much, Luisa & Mark, for sharing such a special day with us! You guys are amazing!!

The Wedding Team:

Church: Hope City Church
The Mowbray
Wedding Dress: Halfpenny London
Bridesmaids: Forever 21
Groomswear: Moss Bros
Cake(s): Jess Smith
Videographer: Isaac Benjamin
Stationary: Nikki Auterska

Music May I Have This Dance (Cover) // Meadowlark

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